While it will never soar the skies again, the Blackburn Beverley could not be in better hands - Condor Aviation has some of the best aviation engineers in the country, and we’re proud to be able to play our role in keeping such an iconic plane in the region, just a few miles from where it was built almost 70 years ago.

The first stage in moving the Beverley to its forever home will be to dismantle it and move it in parts. With a wingspan of nearly 50 metres, equivalent to two tennis courts end-to-end, and a fuselage so large you can fit a single decker bus inside, it will be an engineering feat in itself to move it.


How To Donate

We anticipate the dismantle, move and reassembly to cost in excess of £100,000.

We’ll be moving the plan in as few pieces as possible - ideally each wing individually, and the main fuselage as a single unit. There are a number of moving options we’re exploring at the moment, but it will not be cheap. We need your help to help safeguard the future of this iconic plane.

Any donation, however large or small, will help us towards our fundraising targets. Anything above and beyond our target will be donated to Help for Heroes.

You can donate £1 and become an owner of one of the 440,000 rivets that hold the beast together, or donate £250 for a historical guided tour of Yorkshire by air; we don’t want to let this icon go the same way as the others.

Donation Incentives